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The Pool & Spa Professionals...

Premier Pool & Spa offers multiple services for their clients.  

We have in house factory certified and trained technicians to work on pool & spa equipment.  

For Hot Tubs:

We Work On All Makes And Models.

Our Services Include:

*Hot Tub Cover Replacements

*Pump Rebuilds & Replacements

*Complete Spa Control System Replacements & Circuit Board Rebuilds

*Heater Replacements

*Accessories Including Steps, Cover Lifters, Ozone Generator Replacements,           Saline Water Generator Installations

*Hot Tub Patio to Patio Re-locations

*Hot Tub Disposals

For Pools:

Our Services Include:

*Plaster Refinishing & Tile Replacement

*Pump Rebuilds & Replacements

*Control System & Timer Additions

*Intelligent Control Systems With WiFi & Smart Device Integration

*Heater Upgrades & Replacements

*Heat Pump Upgrades

*Saline Water Generator Installations

*Filter Replacements & Rebuilds