Premier Pool & Spa offers a comprehensive weekly maintenance program that includes:

A routine weekly visit.  During this visit we will balance the water chemistry of your spa.

We use only professional grade water care products.  Whether you use bromine, chlorine, saline water generation systems, or a mineral sanitizer such as Nature 2.  

Clean your filter cartridge.

Clean the water line of the spa.

Apply our formulated vinyl protectant for your spas cover.

Run through the equipment to make sure it is in proper working condition.

Weekly services for the Meridian & Eagle areas are $25.00 per visit.

Weekly services for the Boise & surrounding areas including Hidden Springs, Star, & Kuna are $30.00 per visit.

Every 4 months we will perform a drain, clean, & refill of your spa.  These services are $90.00 and are required 3 times per year.

We bill our services at the end of each month, and run our auto payment services on the 7th of each month.

Hot Tub Maintenance Program:

At Premier Pool & Spa we have an extensive background in weekly water care maintenance.  Our history includes professional experience not only in taking care of your pool and spa, but years of experience in residential and commercial water filtration, and water data analysis.

This knowledge of water chemistry gives us an advantage when compared to other local area pool & spa companies.  

"Premier Pool & Spa is an Idaho leader in the field of expert water care management."

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Pool Maintenance Program:

Premier Pool & Spa's seasonal pool maintenance program is designed to be flexible with you in mind!

We offer pool opening and closings, and weekly maintenance during the pools swimming season.  

Each pool is different and we understand that, so with our weekly pool maintenance, we offer a free consultation to look over your pools features, frequency of use, and your preferable method of sanitation to offer a designed-to-fit quote that will fit into your budget.  

Weekly pool maintenance starts at $50 and up.

Our Complete pool maintenance program includes:

​Water Care Management.

Pool Vacuuming & Brushing.

Filter Back Washing.

Equipment inspection and check ups.

If you have both a pool & a spa that you would like maintained we have special rates for combined visits.

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